Self Esteem & Confidence

Confidence and Self-Esteem effect nearly everything you do and when they are low, working, socialising and loving, are made more difficult.  This is not just about how you feel either because even hidden well other people can pick up on subconscious cues and react differently around you.  This may mean missing out on opportunities and happiness and feeling stuck in a destructive cycle.

Maybe you are extremely critical of yourself or afraid to try new things.  Maybe you minimise your successes with comments like, “I was just lucky” or “Anybody could have done that”.  This kind of self depreciation is not accidental; nor does it materialize out of nowhere, suddenly as a symptom. It reflects conditioning in the past. Unfortunately, low self-esteem is most often programmed unintentionally by experiences.

Depreciating labels and negative comments program young minds during their formative years.  Labels thought to be buried and forgotten still reside deep in the subconscious mind and contribute to the way you perceive yourself.  The worst scars can be the invisible ones.  You can learn or inherit the negative “thinking style” of your others too.  It appears as a critical inner voice that produces fear to try anything new, fear of change, fear of failure or success, as well as a lack of self acceptance.


With more confidence and self esteem you gain control of your life and your future by:

  • Developing a positive outlook and attitude about yourself
  • Riding yourself of past negative programming
  • Improving your self-projection
  • Increasing your confidence and self-acceptance
  • Changing your perspective of a given problem
  • Experiencing a sense of awareness and wholeness


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