Weight Loss & Food Issues

  •  Are you struggling with losing weight?
  •  Do you find that you lose weight only to regain more later?
  •  Perhaps you have hit a plateau and have trouble shaking the last 5-15 lbs?
  •  Do you start and stop diets constantly?
  •  There is a lot of evidence that Hypnosis shows great success with weight reduction. (evidence page)

Hypnotherapy is effective for weight & food issues because we can can address the emotional aspects of eating & drinking as well as the behavioural.   We can work directly with your subconscious, addressing habits, self-image, clearing inner obstacles that sabotage your efforts,  creating changes that can last a lifetime.  Unlike a ‘diet’ is not about taking things away from you but about empowering you and giving you more control over your life.

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