Stop Smoking

Every cigarette harms every part of your body

Be Healthier! Breathe Easier!

Feel Better! Smell Better! Save Money!

Without taking drugs! Without putting on Weight!

You CAN stop smoking naturally!


Hypnosis Can Help You

  • Stop this deadly habit
  • Lose the desire to smoke
  • End nicotine cravings
  • Eliminate smoking triggers
  • Stay calm and in control
  • Be around smokers
  • Avoid weight gain
  • Become a nonsmoker
  • Create a healthier life

Stop Smoking Hypnosis

Every smoker knows that cigarettes kill you but not many are aware of the significant risks involved with common interventions. Nicotine Gum has been linked to mouth cancer, e-cigerettes are full of other harmful chemicals and the stop smoking pill has been linked to death, heart attacks and strokes.  Maybe you already knew this and   and it and that is why you are looking for hypnosis. The number one reason people want to stop smoking is for their health, it makes no sense to trade one evil for another when there is no need.

My method is individually tailored for those who are tired of smoking and want to stop smoking for good. Smokers who have battled with quitting have felt first hand the withdrawal and emotional distress associated with kicking their habit. That’s why this program is designed to help you to deal with cravings and take control. The hypnosis focuses on changing how you think and feel about smoking, giving you strategies to be a non-smoker. Your health is important, make a decision to end this deadly habit like others have.


10 cigarettes a day quickly adds up to 3,650 per year costing you over £1,000 per year and much more when you factor in health costs.

Treatment is £150 – The session runs for 1-1.5 hours.  A free top-up session is offered during the first three months to make sure that you get the best possible results.

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