Pain Management

I am an Advance Pain Practitioner trained and certified by the American School of Clinical Hypnosis.

Pain can strike in so many forms, such as back pain, pelvic pain, post surgical pain, headache, fracture, phantom limb, etc. and ifyou or someone that you know is in regular or constant pain then you are aware of the devastating effect it can have on the sufferer’s life and the people around them.

There are countless modern examples of hypnosis being used for surgery instead of Anaesthetic and modern technologies such as MRI and EEG’s provide clinical evidence the hypnosis works by changing the way that the body interprets and processes pain. In fact Harvard Medical School showed in clinical trails that people with broken bones and those recovering from surgery healed up to two weeks faster when they received hypnosis.

Chronic pain (lasting more that six months) can effect the suffer’s life in many more ways than just pain and left untreated people can feel angry, alone, crazy, sad, guilty, depressed, and more.

Hypnotherapy is effective at targeting the cause and effects of chronic pain and many people who have suffered for years have found improvement or relief within just a few sessions, it is my goal that every session should produce a some result.

There is lots more information to be found on the FAQs page and links

to clinical evidence on the Where Is The Proof page but remember…

Hypnosis for pain is not an alternative for medical care but complimentary.  Clients must see their GP and make sure that they are not suffering from an underlying medical condition.  If an underlying medical condition is found,  I can still help you with management of the pain and stress while you undertake treatment/ surgery/ recovery.



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