Richard Rizzo BA, CHP(NC),MSHP

Richard is a dedicated therapist who uses evidenced based approaches when working with his clients.

Registered Hypnotherapist with the National Society for Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy.   Richard is well schooled in Clinical and Ericksonian Hypnosis as well as Integrative Psychotherapy (incorporating therapies such as NLP, CBT & Gestalt) by the prestigious and internationally recognised National College of Hypnosis and Psychotherapy, a member of the UKCP (United Kingdom Council of Psychotherapy) and the EAP (European Assosication of Psychotherapy).

Richard is also an Advanced Pain Practitioner trained by Captain Ron Eslinger founder of the American School of Clinical Hypnosis.

Richard’s work reflects his passion for existentialism and phenomenology which is crafted into his Hypnosis and Psychotherapy.  Every client is treated individually with all sessions carefully and very personally tailored. He has worked therapeutically with leaders in the Business Sector and the Entertainment Industry and is available for one on one sessions as well as corporate bookings.

Besides client work Richard is currently writing a detailed research paper on manifesting happiness.