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Appointments run for an average of 1.5 hours, I never ask clients to buy or commit to blocks of sessions because it is my policy to make every session count. Why should you buy five sessions when you have achieved your goal in two?

How Many Sessions Will I Need?

Therapy is a very individual and personal process.  For many treatments 2-4 sessions may be sufficient but this is not always the case we will work at your speed.  There is more information on the FAQs section about this.

Cost & What You Receive

I believe that therapy should be affordable and feel that I am well priced for the area and excellent value for service.  Each year I invest a lot of time and money into Continued Professional Development (CPD) to ensure that you always receive the best treatment possible.

Ealing –  Day Sessions are £65

Evening (from 5:30pm) & Weekend Sessions are £75

Holborn – Sessions are £100

The Stop Smoking Package is the only exception, it is charged at a set rate of £150.  click here for more information.

Payment can be by cash, debit or credit card.

It should be noted that for clients in need who lack the ability to pay the full fee, contact me to discuss your situation.  I do believe that financial difficulties should not prevent a person receiving the professional therapy that they require.


You are a free being able to directly influence your own success and as such I can only guarantee my behaviour.  Success is much more likely when there is a positive client/therapist relationship and I am very confident in what I do.  Therefore the first session is completely risk free, if you decide that I am not the therapist for you then you will not have to pay.


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Therapy Room

Ealing Clinic
Camborne Avenue
W13 9QZ

(Free Parking, 6 minute walk from Northfields Tube or 18 min walk from Ealing Broadway Tube)

Satellite Therapy Room

Holborn Clinic 23-24 Great James St London, WC1N 3ES

Please Note: Therapy is a personal experience so results will naturally vary from person to person, this is your journey unique from anyone else’s.

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